Taps and Toilets

Taps and Toilets

Do you have leaking taps or toilets? Is your water bill increasing & costing you more & more money? Blewy’s Plumbing is here to help.

With our fast, friendly & reliable service we can repair or replace any taps or toilets throughout your home.

Our trucks arrive at your place fully stocked with most parts required. This means that we are able to repair all the leaks throughout your property on the same day. This saves you Time & money.

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Bathroom Plumbing

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices are used & installed as a containment device usually at your water meter to prevent any cross contamination between the property water service & Sydney Waters Main. This is a vital device in helping to keep our drinking water clean & free from contaminants.
Blewy’s Plumbing is fully qualified to

  • Test your backflow prevention dervice & submit necessary paperwork to sydney water
  • Remove & replace your faulty backflow prevention device
  • Supply & install a new backflow prevention device
backflow prevention

The backflow prevention device is required by law to be tested on an annual basis with paperwork submitted to Sydney Water with the test results. Blewy’s Plumbing can not only test your backflow device & submit all necessary paperwork, we can schedule the testing to occur on a yearly basis. This takes the responsibility away from you remembering when the test is due. We are able to contact you when the test time is approaching. This will eliminate the test being missed & Sydney Water disconnecting your water supply.

Visit Sydney Water to see if you require backflow prevention